It is compelling to think that we as human beings can mend our unsustainable ways by looking to nature for suggestions. It is an idea so clear that it borders on obvious. Architects, designers, artists have always drawn inspiration from their surroundings, but in the field of biomimetics distinction is given to the natural world as a source of ideas.

I for one share the same smoldering romance with the concept of nature that I imagine the rest of the western world does. Haven’t we all been struggling with the sense that humans have been cast from the garden? Don’t we dream of getting back, as long as nature plays nice and lets us take hot baths? Here biomimicry promises the best of both worlds – natural beauty and simplicity bent gently to our will.

It is a beautiful pursuit to be sure, the examination of biological systems to educate our industrial ones. Biomimicry is a necessary semantic rest stop on the road from our consumer based lifestyle to one more in line with our circumstances. I can’t wait until we shake the idea of nature as a separate thing from humanity. I also wouldn’t mind replacing the idea of mimicry with something less insular. Circumstantial Collaboration sounds real dumb though.