Test Flight

What is so exciting about mobile food? Is it that it feels a little like camping in the middle of the city? Does it remind people of the carnivals of their youth only with things you want to eat? Is it part of the age old American romance with all things nomadic? Or is it just that it is far easier to not be grumpy about being outside in foggy San Francisco when you have some desirable calories in your hand?

Ask yourself these any many other questions when you visit the McCoppin Hub trial run this Saturday 9/25/10 from 11am to 10pm. McCoppin is a tiny left over bit of street at 100 Valencia, and there is a movement afoot to turn it into a neighborhood garden. The good people behind the SF Cart Project have added the promise of food as one good way to enjoy a neighborhood garden.

We thought that seemed reasonable, so we provided a little design to go with your food. There are no pretty trees and terraces there yet. Just a blank slate of asphalt and opportunity. But the food trucks will show up to let everyone test out the idea of making it a place to be. Let us know what you think.