McCoppin Hub

HuffPo talks ‘Hub’

The food truck craze may have taken off in Portland, but it has landed in San Francisco and is spreading faster than you can say “Paneer Tikka Masala Burrito.” Maybe that’s why the Huffington Post wrote about our design for the McCoppin Hub and its upcoming transformation into a “Beautiful Food Truck Haven.

Mobile food is a hot topic, but we hope they’re also writing about the Hub because this space, and other successful urban projects like it, are not just timely and well-located, but also consciously-designed. We are approaching this design, as we do all our projects, from our core ideological stance that design’s relationship to the people who will inhabit the space is paramount. We are working closely with community members and city and neighborhood agencies to create an accessible and dynamic addition to the overlooked area.

With meandering paths for peds and bikes, safe places to sit and shady green spaces, we think you’re going to want to stay here long after your hunger subsides and the trucks go on their way.