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My Treat

We designed the Southern Pacific Brewery on Treat Ave. + 19th St. and it’s quickly taking shape after what ended up being over a year of permit review and red tape. There’s been a lot of buzz about this industrial beer sanctuary and, in anticipation for our first cold pints, we’re shining light on our favorite parts of this robust design.

The name Southern Pacific comes from the old train line that terminated near the site so we initially gained inspiration from classic train car interiors and giant old world stations.  Layer that image over one of a Mexican covered market, an interior space that is big enough to feel like the great outdoors,  and you have got a sense of what we are going for. It got even better when owners Anthony & Chris started sifting through the treasure trove of raw building materials that were left in the nearly 10,000 square foot former machine shop warehouse. Let’s just say we have plenty of raw materials to make some furniture and the odd reclaimed I-beam beer tap.

With the recent re-introduction of plentiful natural light (thanks to replacing some truly nasty skylights) and some indoor trees, this beer-drinkers paradise will be the most stunning restaurant + bar + full-production brewery with distribution and an outdoor patio in San Francisco (well OK, it’s a narrow criteria, but it’s still going to be sweet!).

Look for us at the bar this Fall.