Presto Process

Architecture is a waiting game. If you enter without patience, you may be shocked by the slothful pace of implementation. It’s not surprising though – the realization phase of almost every project takes a lot of time. I say almost because we recently designed and constructed a new parklet in front of Four Barrel Coffee in what feels like record-breaking time. Because I analyzed the Pavement to Parks Initiative in college, as well as many other instances of pedestrian encroachment into vehicular right of way (a fancy way of saying “people in the streets”), I was excited when Seth asked me to assist on this project by making the fabrication drawings of the trusses – I knew that the journey from concept to construction would be a short one. The drawings left our hands and construction started soon after; it was amazing to watch the parklet grow and see our design materialize in only a few weeks. Actually, this is the first project that I’ve seen from beginning to end since I started at Boor Bridges 10 months ago!

Speedy yet thoughtful projects like this one have the capability to inspire the way our city will grow. As a young designer in the city, I live for this kind of stuff.