Elegance Underway

Now that all the debris is cleared, we are elated to find a spacious and modern interpretation of our “semi-formal comfortable elegant” residence in Pacific Heights.

As with any remodel project, the demolition revealed some surprises (um, joists are supposed to be supported by walls right?) and some sweet opportunities. A used chase becomes a bonus corner in the kitchen, and without some traditional parlor doors, the living room feels just right and has enough breathing room for the beloved grand piano.

We always approach our remodel projects with a fresh slate in hopes of an outcome that even we couldn’t predict – but the Pac Heights house had our design process leaning toward the traditional more than usual. As expected, the typical 1920s Victorian/Edwardian space plan left all of the rooms separated and closed off. Our first design step was to break through some of those barriers; demolishing these openings has made an enormous difference. With more spatial connection, things are feeling more modern than we expected; the clients love it (and we do too). While we happily tossed out the Corinthian column capitals, we are passionate about creating a space that is both functionally modern and respectful of its traditional roots. So with a watchful eye on our boundaries, we decided to tiptoe a couple more steps in the direction of modern. A telescoping floor to ceiling door, a kitchen peninsula with clever geometry, and a window behind glass bar shelving with mother-of-pearl wallpaper may sound like traditional design no-nos, but we think they will find an elegant place here.

We have our own big shoes to fill after just completing a gorgeous reinvention of the Garden Apartment downstairs.