Beyond EquisetumEquisetum

Beyond Equisetum

It’s that time of year again, when the cold and foggy summer months are behind us and the scorching 65° heat of September brings people into the San Francisco streets (Valencia Street especially) to frolic and be merry. But we architects and designers are probably just as excited about the annual Architecture + the City Festival. This year’s theme is “The Architecture of Consequence” and it is coordinated in partnership with the Netherlands Architecture Institute – I studied in the Netherlands so I’m really pumped about this year’s events! Aside from my personal enthusiasm and participation, our office is also participating in the Festival by throwing a Cocktail Party and modern landscaping workshop called Beyond Equisetum at Flora Grubb Gardens. We’ll provide cocktails with Boor Brand mixers, experiment and discuss how to embrace the unruly, changeable, and ultimately uncontrollable aspects of nature. If you haven’t already, you can register here – hope to see you there!

We’ve participated in the festival for the past 4 years with tours of some of our most notable San Francisco projects – Ames Alley, Four Barrel, Flora Grubb, and an exhibit on our take on Vertical Gardens. This year, we are excited to see Four Barrel Parklet and Castro Commons in the celebratory mini-film about the festival (see below).

There’s heat, architecture, cocktails, and awesome plants. We’re smiling, aren’t you?