Cat’s Out of the Dropbox!

We’ve been keeping very hush-hush about our largest project but we are now pleased to announce that we are designing a brand-spankin’-new office for Dropbox! You heard it here first (Unless you read SF Business Times).

Our approach parallels Dropbox’s excellent business model; we’re creating an extremely efficient, simple structure – with an emphasis on raw, exposed, and unique materials – so  the excited, young, talented users at Dropbox and their interior designer/art director, Lauren Geremia, can cram it full of awesomeness (that’s the technical term).

We love that Dropbox chose our favorite of the building candidates they were pursuing. The raw space is simple, beautiful, and filled with light… it is also the length of TWO FOOTBALL FIELDS, which will easily accommodate their quintupling size. Although this design process is extremely fast-paced, we are working to thoughtfully address the challenge of maintaining and supporting an existing company culture as it expands at an incredible speed. We are thrilled to be involved in establishing the Dropbox aesthetic firmly in our favorite city and we are sure they will be working happily in their new space for years to come.