June 2011

Presto Parklet

So, today it is raining. In June. The end of June actually. In San Francisco. But when it stops you should instantly proceed to have some coffee outside in our latest design contribution to Four Barrel Coffee. Their brand new parklet was completed and passed final inspection on Friday June 25.

This new public park is complete with a beefy redwood butcher block bar from which you can sip coffee and ogle bikers. It also sports public vertical bike parking which we are pretty sure is a San Francisco first. All of this shaded by an elegant trellis of custom steel work, sitting on a hearty platform of brick pavers.

As with our design for Four Barrel’s cafe, we incorporated reclaimed materials and happily worked in collaboration with owner Jeremy Tooker. We also worked closely with the San Francisco Department of Public Works, SF Municipal Transportation Agency, and the SF Planning Department (who all deserve massive allcolades for the Parklet program).

Then there are the amazing craftsmen who put this thing together. The fearless leader of the team was Dave McMorran. A mysterious fellow named Dave H. welded together over 30 delicate trusses (each different like a rusty snowflake). He also pulled the vertical bike parking from the jaws of near failure. Alex Palecko is responsible for the warm and satisfying woodwork.

We have posted some initial pictures of the park here, and will add more when the deluge subsides. While you are waiting perhaps make your own?