August 2013


It has been 2 months since I was first welcomed at the doors of Boor Bridges Architecture.  As a recent grad, I find that there is much to learn within the realm of professional practice, and I am very happy to have found such a stimulating environment to continue my development.  This summer has definitely been a significant transition period, in certain cases, not the smoothest.

When I first moved from New York two years ago, I knew the East Bay as home, and San Francisco as the distant vacation spot only accessible by BART, but have always had my eyes set on someday residing here.  Once I finished school and began working in the heart of the city, I figured it was the best time to begin my search for my first San Francisco apartment!

Day 1:

I have made a few calls, and am very optimistic.

Day 18:

Happiness gone.  Looking for an apartment in the city was a lot harder than I thought it would be.  I spent my nights on Craigslist and my weekends at crowded showing with individuals willing to prorate back to 2007.  These were of course the nicer listings with actual windows and ceiling heights that did not compromise my 6’2” stature.  I did however begin to appreciate the power of a wide-angle lens.  A few owners almost tricked me into living in a walk-in closet.  What can I say; it’s a tough market, especially when everyone wants to live in San Francisco, and for good reason.  Fortunately, I finally found a great place in close proximity to, well, everything.  My commute to the office is fairly quick, and the commute itself is one worth looking forward to.  The building carries its original early 1900s charm with well-crafted woodwork throughout.  I aim to look further into this site’s history as its date of completion sets it among the first builds of the sunset district.  This area was predominately windswept sand dunes at the time, but underwent dramatic transformation throughout the following decades.  I suppose I am surrounded by significant change.