It Never Ends

My project will never be over. There will be no big single unveiling of successful completion, nor an admission of defeat. There will only be the occasional thrill of incremental progress mixed with a general lack of progress. At least that is how it seems. I have been remodeling my home for as long as I can remember so why should I be able to imagine it any other way?

This is where I live right now – in a semblance of what my home used to be, and a hint of what it promises to be.  My space is covered in cardboard and draped in plastic, but the plumbing and some fixtures work so I am able to convince myself it is livable. This is exactly what I have warned countless clients against – living in your remodel, even for a little while. But the hope of improving things and the reality of not being able to move out have proven unavoidable. And, as it turns out, there are no secret deals for Architects; we exceed budget and go over schedule just like our clients.

It’s not so bad really.  I take my victories where I can get them. I actually enjoy the process. I like making things and seeing things get made. I like learning how things are done. I am comfortable with potential. But I could get used to moving on as well.