Taking Time Out to Make Things

After being in our office for over a year now, we have finally outfitted our shop.  We’ve undertaken our first building project:  a laminated wood table for our office kitchen (reclaimed wood courtesy of this office and other jobs).  All designers love to make things, of course, but are often a bit sad / jealous to let someone else have all the fun in actually building our projects; we are contractors at heart I suppose. Yes, we do fun “architect” stuff like making beautiful images and solving difficult but rewarding three-dimensional problems, but like any modern day desk person, we also do our fair share of emailing, phone calling, chart making, and calendaring, etc.  Happy clients and contractors (and dare I say building officials?) are a wonderful product of these efforts.  But sometimes you need a tangible pat-yourself-on-the-back object that you can admire and say, “We made this!  With our own two hands!  And look how awesome it is!” The sore sanding muscles, gluey fingers, blisters, and greasy pizza refuels are not just things to be worked through or dealt with, they are part of the enjoyment of making real physical things. We aren’t yet at back-pattable status, but that’s just because (we hope) we aren’t done yet.  This table is on its way.  Stay tuned.