March 2014

Greening the Alley

If you’ve been lurkin’ on Larkin lately, you’ve probably noticed some big changes. Boor Bridges just celebrated the one year anniversary of moving to our light-filled studio on Larkin Street, and we’ve settled into our sunny workspace quite comfortably. It was about time that the exterior of our building got some much needed attention. With help from the Lower Polk Neighborhood Initiative, and the expertise and talents of Habitat Horticulture and The Urban Lab, we now have a vertical garden crawling up our façade. Designed as a two-part armature to engage our corner at Cedar Street, the greenery adds a bright new dimension to the streetscape.

We have also welcomed a new bakery as our downstairs neighbor, a venture by Amanda Michaels of Jane on Fillmore. She has transformed the space into a beautiful café, with a full kitchen to work her magic in. With a fresh coat of paint, new storefront windows and the vertical garden, this building has a fresh street presence. This facelift is more than skin deep, though. These changes are indicative of principles greater than improved curb appeal. They are the manifestation of our pride in this place, and a testament to the movers and shakers of this neighborhood. With the help of the Lower Polk Neighborhood Initiative, the Lower Polk CBD Steering Committee, and entrepreneurs like Amanda, we’ve been able to implement some noteworthy improvements. So, if geranium blooms in the breeze and fresh baked cookies sound enticing (and how could they not?), drop by for a visit!