Yoga on the Roof

We recently started doing yoga as an office on our roof. Yes, the roof.

I have been doing yoga for years. But as I was lying there in child’s pose with the warmth of the sun on the bottoms of my feet, I suddenly realized I had never done yoga outside before. It is a whole new experience. Mountain Pose has a much more fitting name with your arms outstretched to the sky, the wind in your hair, the sun on your face, and the clouds inching past overhead. The city around us is of course full of distractions: car horns, the cookie smell wafting from the bakery downstairs, and wondering do little windows equal little eyeballs? But these interruptions are nothing compared to the connection we are feeling, we are here present and in the world in a new way. I am reminded that I am a human being first, and a hard worker second – I am more loose, more sound, more calm, more energized, and more connected than on any other slow-moving Friday afternoon.

I’m sure we seem like hippie Californians or like tech perk copycats, (admittedly, our instructor was a referral from one of our office clients), but I don’t care. And sure, we had to peel our co-workers and ourselves up from our desks, but the brain and body reset makes the work we come back to even better.