Second Grade Symmetry

I recently got a chance to be a guest teacher at my friend’s second grade class in South Central Los Angeles. Without making too many assumptions, I can confidently say that school is the best part of most of these kids’ days… which made being Mr. Sheth even more important, and rewarding.

Her class is in the midst of a year-long lesson involving structures (at the end of the year they are going to design and assemble a shade structure in their play area!), so I discussed architecture and an architect’s role for as long as they could sit still, and we dove into an art project introducing the kids to the concept of symmetry.

We gave the kids half of a drawing of a house and asked them to draw the other half. The drawing was relatively ornate for the task, which made most of the kids hesitant, claiming that they would never be able to draw the other half. Some of them tried to give up right away. We encouraged them to take the project one step at a time; start with the ground, then the stairs. And, eventually, the kids drew the houses perfectly! Just kidding. But the important part is that they tackled the task, did their best, and they earned their 1:30pm Maroon 5 dance break.

And, to bring it back to me, the stuff we do also takes time. Sure, I might be juggling multiple projects while getting a 30,000 SF office TI completed in less than 6 months. But in order to offer quality work, like the kids, I still take it one step at a time.

Cue upbeat after school special music!