San Francisco

A business decision to renovate and eventually sell a generic house became an inventive space planning exercise resulting in a fluid synergy between traditional and contemporary styles. The primary issue to tackle was the disastrous kitchen – fully equipped with dysfunctional exhaust hood at eye-level, blocking all visual connectivity from the kitchen. Without the glaring obstructions, we reconfigured the kitchen and provided a real place to cook that is open to the dining room, living room, and sunny deck. Completed with a central skylight washing the threshold with daylight, this newly functional space is now brighter than ever.

The renovations in the bathroom involved a clever reallocation of space, satisfying the client’s paramount desire for a spacious shower. Another shift gives us twelve more inches from the laundry room to accommodate a custom semi-recessed linen cabinet behind the door – proving that creative small moves really can make the biggest difference.

Location: San Francisco
Completion: November 2010
Contractor: Steve Altman
Photography: Bruce Damonte and Boor Bridges Architecture

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