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Seth Boor, aia, leed ap | Principal

Seth’s thoughtful approach offers clarity of process, design excellence, and an understanding of making that greatly benefits his client relationships.

Routine, everyday encounters with buildings and spaces are fundamental to his design perspective, finding inspiration in the beautiful and the ordinary. Always seeking to comprehend the way people truly inhabit places, he has a keen interest in experimental and small-scale architectural interventions in the cityscape, and a penchant for the subtle.

As a frequent presenter for AIASF, Seth has been a Parklet Design panelist, led Architecture and the City Festival tours, and hosted an interactive workshop on nature’s disheveled power to transform space. He participated in a small scale urban design panel at CCA (Urbanism from Within), and has juried student critiques at UC Berkeley and CCA. Prior to forming BBA in 2003, Seth worked on hospitality, museum, church and urban/ institutional buildings for two Texas firms, and earned his Bachelor of Architecture from UT Austin.

Designing and making go hand in hand for Seth—when not concentrating on architecture and family life, he can be found applying this predisposition to his tiny home workshop or his postage-stamp, south facing, herbivorically-dense garden. His most valued possessions are a coffee table he designed and made out of recovered Douglas fir beams, and the order and simplicity of his backpacking gear.

He admires architects Rem Koolhaus for writing “Delirious New York”, Adolf Loos for being so good at ornament even though he was opposed to it, and Sigurd Lewerentz for everything else. Seth’s community consists of makers, locavores, gardeners, caffeinators, and thinkers. That said, he is not fond of labels on people or bottles, and quickly delves beneath their surface in search of substance.

Portrait ©Nicholas V. Ruiz